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Shailene Woodley's Breasts (nwsf)

I take no responsibility if you are a minor and you click on the link or if you are at work and click. By clicking on the video link below, you verify that you are over 18 and of a mature nature, but not adverse to female nudity. If you do not understand this disclaimer, then let your parents decide ASAP. As for you there in your office cubicle: stop wasting company bandwidth. Your company's IT department knows where you've been.

It's nothing to get excited over since she does not have Irish genes, Italian genes or even Provencal/Catalonian/Berber genes. That might change if she decides to take the plastic surgery route, depending on how narcissistic she is.

Overall, these are young adult female breasts, shrunk by dieting, and only when she hits thirty will she develop a more appealing torso, except if she keeps dieting.

Good luck if you think these breasts are sexually attractive since she is barely out of her teens as it is.

This link might get blocked. YMMV

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