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A Tale of Two LANs (satire)

It was the best of LANs, both wireless and wired, on my EPC1000HE but the speed test results were text, and not easily viewed from here. So I looked for the statistics as an image file and found them.

Here they are, simply placed with iamges and links to the statistics for both LANs.

Wireless LAN test results (asDSL WiFi):

Wireless LAN test results (access point):

LAN test results:

It appears that the wireless LAN is faster than the wired LAN, overall. You might think the download speed is a factor in determining speed but it is the ping of 22 milliseconds that indicates that WiFi is faster than a wired connexion.

Indeed, it helps too that the access point and aDSL modem/router are nearby, within 3 feet of my netbook.

My only pet peeve is Firefox makes the Adobe Flash Speedtest app by OOKLA flicker during each test.

However, this and the lofting of Chrome browser led to use of Firefox instead. Because it isn't Speedtest, I am only mentioning it to admit that this EPC1000He with 2GB RAM and an ATOM 270/280 CPU can't handle Chrome.

For advanced Linux users:

Regarding hardware, the Atheros 9280 lan/wlan PCI-E half-size card, sourced by AzureWave Technologies for Qualcom, has its 5G channel disabled in Linux. This is due to the driver, ath9k.

Here's a look at dmesg with grep looking for the string "9280":
$ dmesg|grep -i 9280
[ 13.197541] ieee80211 phy0: Atheros AR9280 Rev:2 mem=0xf8520000, irq=19

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