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Xi Meets Obama (politics)

Recently, Chinese President Xi flew to New York City to meet with US President Obama on Thursday September 24 to discuss business and politics. Yesterday (Friday September 25), they had a wonderful meal prepared by chefs including Chinese American cook Anita Lo.

No doubt, the meal at this state dinner for Xi was more elaborate than green tea, Chinese dumpling, chow mein and fortune cookies.

Of note, both Obama and Xi promised not spy on each other for economic gain. This commitment only covers industrial espionage such as the recent indictment of six Chinese men who stole code from US software houses.

Not included in this agreement is the recent data theft from US corporate servers that the US government attributes to China. None of the officials in that case were indicted.

Why upset the president of China, a superpower whose economy seems robust, thanks to cheap labor and high productivity?

Overall, Xi's state visit and meeting with Obama shows that, among important issues discussed, China and the USA are committed to fighting cybercrime and strengthening their economic ties.

Their commitment to fighting cybercrime addresses the illegal flow of US intellectual property into China.

By attempting to strengthen US-China economic ties, both Obama and Xi might have inspired Europe, the Americas and Asia, strengthen their trade ties with each other, had it proven more fruitful.

According to the propaganda offered by US mainstream media, talks between Obama and Xi proved to be inconclusive.

Although we'd expect China-US talks to be clear and definite, diplomacy does not warrant a simple outcome that can be spun into a newsworthy story.

Well, not yet anyway.


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Stephen Kawamoto said...

Xi also donated $10 million to UN women.