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What Do the Israeli Military, Jihadi and the West Have In Common?

In light of a recent opinion editorial in the New York Times about the Syrian refugees, I have reflected on the situation now facing the West. With the growing refugee crisis now at the border crossings in Eastern Europe, it is clear to me that millenarianism empowers the Israeli military, jihadists of all stripes, and Western influence in the Middle East.

For their millenarian sentiments bedevil them, leading them to unwittingly abandon a merciful God for the diabolical Anti-Christ, trading peace for warfare with a growing religious tone.

All parties fighting in the Middle East are confident that their warfare will usher in Armageddon, with millenarian Christians and Jews, both of whom are militant Zionists, pitted against radical Muslim fundamentalists (takfiri), who consider everyone else to be apostate.

Each side, be they Zionists or takfiri, sees themselves as God's chosen people and the other side as the Anti-Christ. On one side we have the Zionist army of God, consisting of pro-Israel Christian militants and their Zionist brethren, and on the other side,are the takfiri of Islamic State, al Nasrah Front, al Qaeda and associated militant groups - including Hezbollah and the radical elements of Hamas and ...

Historically, the Zionist militants and the takfiri have been fighting with each other over Palestine since the 1970s, when Israel launched attacks against the UAR, specifically Egypt and Syria, winning the Golan Height (West Bank) and the Gaza strip. At the time the Israeli military even occupied the Sinai peninsula, but later gave it back to Egypt because, being a desert wasteland, was not considered strategic territory by the Israeli government of the time.

Though the takfiri claim historical precedence that goes back to when Palestine was originally conquered by Muslims from 7th Century to 9th CE. In contrast, in recent years, radical Zionists in Israel have tried to rewrite history by denying Palestine ever existed, yet most Arab nations in the Middle East have referred to Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria as the Levant.

Meanwhile, in eastern Europe, the Ukraine has become a conflict between the West (secularism in the form of NATO representing the anti-Christ) and Russia (the Orthodox Church representing the militant Christ of Armageddon), even though this is a proxy war between American government and her NATO allies, and Russian government and her allies. In contrast, the radical Ukrainian militant nationalists adhering the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and Protestant evangelical fundamentalism consider themselves representatives of the same militant Christ fighting against the Anti-Christ (the Russian military). Though most Ukrainian nationalists are nominal Christians, adhering mainly to a neo-Nazi form of Christianity in which white power is associated with Christ.

IMHO the mainstream media is burying this story because they don't want to frighten their consumers to death with pointless end of the world stories of Armageddon, thus proving to me the old adage that few people can handle the truth, especially when religion has mixed with politics in the Middle East from the beginning over 2500 years ago. As for the Ukrainian conflict, the New Left and far right (neo-Nazi) organizations are nationalists first. If the far right in the Ukraine radicalize further, then there might be an internal struggle between the secular left and the far right radicals. However, the Ukrainian left and right are united against their common enemy, Russia.

Meanwhile, in Europe, refugees fleeing Syria are a mix of Shi'ite and Sunni Muslims and Christians while a few of the Sunni men in Syria have coalesced into rebel militant groups. This in part is due to the secondary proxy war between Sunni and Shi'ite participants with Iran supporting the Assad regime in Syria and the Gulf States supporting the Sunni rebels.

Last year, the Sunni jihadists formerly known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and briefly as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, became a de facto nation called Da'esh (Islamic State). Consisting of a Millenarian jihadi force sponsored by the Gulf States (mainly Qatar and Saudi Arabia — due to the strong offensive by Syrian army in western Syria. Then their Western sympathizers came to eastern Syria via Turkey to the border with Iraq to fight on their side, while Western mercenaries went there and allied with the Kurds to fight the Jihadi of Da'esh.

Of course, the Shi'ite refugees from Syria bypassed Iran due to its police state. Their impression that Western Europe is the bastion of freedom fuels their walk to freedom via Turkey into Europe. For the problem with the Syrian refugees is not only the Middle East; it also has to do with European fear of Islam.

How ironic that both the refugees and most of Europe nominally believe in God, be they Christians, Jews or Muslims. Indeed, this is what is common to millenarians regardless of their faith: they worship God.

In response to the refugee crisis, my solution is to propose that the Christian politicians of the West practise two of Christ Jesus' commandments: love your enemy and practice charity towards them.

Any other solution may eventually prove that the West is not yet sympathetic to the plight of the Syrian refugees, especially in Hungary.



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