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People of the Book, Why Do You Fight? (satire)

A close look at the Quran would reveal that it is based mainly on the Jewish Talmud, as is the Bible.

Both books - even the Bible - affirm that all Christians, Jews and Muslims are sons and daughters of God - hence the term "people of the Book.".

Yet the Bible does not state that Jesus is the Only-Begotten. Rather, this doctrine was rooted in the pagan religions of the Gentile converts and assimilated as the Trinity. To believe that the Christ Jesus was solely a prophet and a son of God as all believers are sons and daughters of God is heresy to Christendom today.

Indeed, it is the evangelical Christians that aggressively proselyte the blasphemy — to Jews and Muslims alike — that Jesus is the Christ and God's Only Begotten. Were it not for insisting that Jesus is the Son of God, neither Jew not Muslim would persecute a Christian.

Yet the new Crusaders, those Evangelical fanatics, came to Iraq and Afghanistan with the invading US troops to offend the Muslims.

This is because of that aggressive evangelism by Christendom that the Crusades happened in response to the failure of the eastern Roman empire of Byzantium to appease the Muslims since the 7th Century CE.

When bribes only led the Muslim army to demand more tributes, the Emperor of Byzantium asked the western Roman Empire for help, which lead bastard sons of European kings to massacre innocent Syriac Christians, sack Constantinople, and build kingdoms in the Holy Land, much to the chagrin of the Muslims.

None of this was for the glory of God, but so that both Christians and Muslims could amass war booty. For both the Muslims and the Christians worship God, but their true motives are based on human glory. Their faith in God has never justified war. Rather, their willingness to go to war shows their lack of faith.

Today it is no different: Islamic State has obtained booty, be it ransom for captives or brides forced into sexual slavery. In contrast the West maintains it is fighting the IS for humanitarian reasons.

In fact, the West is in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to recapture oil wells as dictated by multinational corporations.

Thus the Christians and their Zionist allies are there to help affirm the propaganda that Muslims are terrorists and they are fighting for peace. The Evangelical zealots are there to fan the flames of enmity even higher, showing once again that Crusaders wish only an Armageddon rather than peace just like their Islamic State counterparts.

It is these militants be they Zionist and Muslim that want Armageddon, but shall not get it. This is because mankind's actions will not usher in the Millenarian end of days, no matter what American televangelists and their Muslim counterparts say.

For these militants ignore the truth: only God knows when the End of Days is near. No amount of war will usher it in. It never happened during the Crusades circa 1000 CE, and neither shall it happen now.

So, why do Christian militants and their Zionist backers fight against their Muslim counterparts? Only to affirm the propaganda that Arabs are only Muslims, and these Muslims are terrorists, despite the fact that the Zionists are in control of the propagandists in mainstream media.

Yet not all Arabs are Muslims. Some of them are Christians while other Arabs are Jews. Few of them are terrorists, and those of them that are terrorist have bought the propaganda that the biggest evil in the world is the West especially America.

For recent history tends to prove their fears that Islam is threatened by the Zionists through the islamophobia propaganda, which is based on the lies about Arabs and Muslims.

However, the root of the problem is the bigotry of the West.

It is not Islam that is the problem; it is the lies that Zionist controlled media continues to manufacture which has led American domestic terrorists - most of whom are white supremists - to murder innocent people, most of whom are not Muslims.

It is the bigotry of French nationalists that lead Muslim youth of France to riot and turn to crime.

And that bigotry may lead to a civil war in the West between Muslim youth and Western youth, both of them radicalized by right wing ideology that says "my tribe is better than yours."

Thus are we at the pinnacle where we could let the governments of the West be consumed by the tyranny of fascism or remember the words of a famous prophet who said, "Love one another" and "love your enemies". He also warned mankind that living by the sword implies dying by the sword to discourage his disciples from ushering in the Kingdom of Heaven by force because it would only lead to death.

This prophet was Jesus.

Indeed, Jesus also tempered his love with a limited militancy by healing the ear of a soldier accidentally cut by the sword of one of his disciples. Yet the wielder of the second sword has never been known, probably to prevent the founding of a Christian militant sect that would have died by the sword.

In any case, militancy is anathema to Christianity, no matter what the militants say. If you live by the sword, be you Christian, Jew or Muslim, then you die by the sword. If this be for God, then he mourns the loss as much he does of the martyrs.

On this note, I leave you with this quote, which summarizes the folly of trying to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven by force:

'We often hear Jesus words quoted, “… for all who take the sword will perish by the sword (Matt. 26:52).” Some say He was condemning all military action throughout time. If this was the case, Jesus words simply were not true. Everyone who has taken the sword in conflict has not died violently. I believe Jesus’ words were most likely a warning to His own people. He was saying if you try to bring the kingdom of God by violence, you will all die. He was right. Those who rebelled against Rome died often in a very cruel manner.

'The instrument that would overcome Rome was not the sword but the cross. It was not an act of violence but an act of love. It was not vengeance but forgiveness that eventually conquered the Roman empire.' -
Update: December 14, 2015

Yet the violent persecution by Muslims against Christians of the Middle East is being hidden from the unsuspecting citizens of Western nations. Like their Jewish brothers and sisters, Muslims find the Christians' glorification of the Christ Jesus as Son of God blasphemy.

There is much evidence to support the Muslim persecution of Ahmadiyyans, Christians, Jews, and Yazidis.

In Pakistan, Ahmadiyyans are banned from calling themselves Muslim and can be imprisoned for 10 years under Pakistan's anti-terrorist legislation.

In Syria, Christian boys and men were murdered by Islamic State terrorists, simply for being Christians. Their wives, sisters and daughters were forced to become sex slaves for the militants.

In northern Iraq, Yazidi women captured by Islamic State militants were forced to work in a brothel. Subject to brutal rape, some of them have committed suicide rather than be horribly abused by their captors.

Yet both America and Canada are letting in Syrian refugees, most of whom are Muslim. There is no quota for Christians because the Western nations are leaving that up to Christian refugee organizations to handle — that is, if the Syrian Christians make it safely out of Syria.

IMHO the people of the book — the Ahmadiyyans, the Baha'i, the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims and the Yazidi — are left take care of their own.

But a few questions still remain:
  • Will the Ahmadiyyans, Baha'i, and Yazidi be free to choose to follow their own traditions without Christian evangelicals soft selling their way of worship?
  • Will the same friction between Christians and Muslims that occurred in Syria continue in Canada and in the US?
  • Will the Christians stand up to protect the people they sponsor without discrimination?
Only time with tell. All in all, the Christian charity groups had better plan their refugee program well and ensure that all people of the book are protected under the law.

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