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The Rise and Fall of Syria (satire)

Once upon a time a long time ago, a young doctor studying to be an ophthalmologist at the Western Eye Hospital in London was called back to his home country to his father's heir apparent due to the death of his elder brother in a tragic car crash. He later married a beautiful lady born in the UK, and after the death of his father, he became president and she became his First Lady. All in all, it seemed a wonderful life.

Years passed, and then in 2011, everything changed. Bashar al Assad, the current President of Syria is the name of that doctor.

During the Arab Spring of 2011, some of the people of his country rebelled against him. After bloody clashes, it became clear that Syria was in a civil war, a proxy war between Russia and Western nations aligned with America and sympathetic members of the Gulf States known as Friends of the Syrian Group.

According to a recent news report, Al-Qaeda of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) — also known as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Islamic State — is covertly funded by the Friends of Syria Group (FSG), of whose members Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia fund Sunni covert mercenaries from around the world, including Canada such as a man who was convicted as one of the Toronto 18.

In essence, Western nations aligned with the US government are facilitating the covert training of home-grown militants by capturing them where a few of them radicalize. Once they are released from jail, these militants find their way to Syria as a part of a secret plan to send 100,000 covert mercenaries to Syria. Perhaps, about five percent of detained homegrown militants who are released from prison have radicalized.

Thus the fall of Syria is being plotted by these Western nations with advice from the US government. Rather than drop bombs, the West will instead detain their home-grown terrorists and let each one fly to Syria to join the ISIL which includes most of the al-Nusra Front, each of which are Islamic terrorist organizations.

While al Nusrah Front is aligned with Al Qaeda, ISIL has broken with al Qaeda due to the ISIL's leader's intent to absorb al Nusrah Front into ISIL. For a thorough background on Islamic State's leader, see the Update for December 7, 2015 below.)

Currently, the ISIL-dominated area in which consists of eastern Syria and northern Iraq has been turned into a quasi-Caliphate where Sharia law is the rule of the land. However, it also includes anywhere in the world where local Islamic dissidents have aligned with Islamic State e.g. northeastern Nigeria where Boko Haram have terrorized Christians and Muslim citizens.

When Syria falls, it will be because of the Western nations' leaders aligned with the US government who agreed to bomb Libya, and consequently contributed to the murder of Gaddafi by clan members whose clans were brutally suppressed under the Libya despot.

In that scenario, it is more likely the reason for Libya falling was due to the proposed gold currency that he was fronting and his announcement to share oil wealth with every Libyan, a promise that faded when the Arab Spring morphed into civil war.

In Syria, the Alawite Shi'a minority run the government while the Sunni majority have been routinely suppressed under the al-Assad Dynasty. Indeed, before the current proxy war by the superpowers of the US, Russia, China, and the Gulf States of Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Syria outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, possibly due to their ties to CIA.

It is known that Pakistan routinely receives US aid, and that their spy organization ISI secretly trained mujahideen to fight the Soviet Union during the Afghanistan civil war that preceded the Taleban and later US invasion. Thus Pakistan is complicit in the war crimes that the US and its allies in the Coalition committed in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Today it is most likely that when Gitmo is closed, captured militants will be redeployed in Syria. This is likely why a certain militant was released from US custody.

Thus, in the future, this is what Homeland Security might do:
  1. Closely scrutinize males from the Middle East who are not Israelis.
  2. When said males exhibit radical Muslim ideology, isolate them from mainstream Muslims.
  3. Send in psy ops specialists to convince said males to commit to a terrorist act on US soil.
  4. Send in police and FBI to "foil" terrorist act and arrest said males.
  5. Send in more psy ops to convince "home-grown terrorist(s)" that redeploying in Syria is the only option.
  6. If they choose a trial, then that means their lawyer knows the truth about the covert mercenary plan devised by the FSG, particularly with the aid of Canada.
This is what "home-grown terrorism" actually means. In the case of the recent train station bombings in Russia by Chechen militants, it may be funded by the CIA. As well, the Boston bombings is inspired by Chechen militancy and is an example of homegrown terrorism. It is well known that the Chechen Muslims who did Hajj may have radicalized in Saudi Arabia. Thus it is imperative for Western nations to identify and monitor imams who support Islamic terrorists groups such as al Qaeda and ISIL in their countries, particularly in nations with large Muslim immigrant populations such as Germany and their Turkish immigrants, most of whom immigrated to avoid Turkish suppression of potential Salafi militants. Additionally, the revisionism of Imam al-Sharif needs to be implemented in Western nations amongst the Islamic diaspora in order to prevent Muslim youths from being seduced by charismatic imams who use Salafi ideology as the means to their own ends - Islamic militancy. Because it is the misuse of ideology that is dangerous, the current propaganda that neoconservatives are manufacturing — that Islam is dangerous to America — consists of generalizations about Islam that also indicate the misuse of ideology. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but Salafi ideology is misused by charismatic imams in the name of al Qaeda and Islamic State. The irony is that al Qaeda has been in the pockets of the US government all along. Perhaps al Qaeda did not plan 9-11 all on its own but was facilitated by a covert psy ops team embedded in al Qaeda to choose two symbols of American power to destroy, namely the Twin Towers in NYC and the Pentagon. Possibly that the passenger jet that was downed in Pennsylvania might have contained an expendable CIA operative who inspired the passengers to take down the crew. The purpose of this was to instill patriotism in American people. However, there may be an unlikely scenario aboard an American passenger jet in which a purported terrorist is murdered by heroic passengers but misrepresented in the mainstream news as an "aborted hijacking." This incident will be used to inspire American passengers to aid the air marshal if a would-be hijacker attempts a hijack. The problem here is, most passengers are compliant and non-aggressive. Thus, it might be more useful to hire covert agents who have trained in hijacking scenarios to be placed on air flights in which potential terrorists are most likely to be embedded amongst passengers. These agents would be trained in techniques useful to defusing hostage situations. With this in mind, the Air France Flight 8969 is a good example of the tactics used by air crew to establish rapport with AIG terrorists. Of the four terrorists, "Bill" was probably not a terrorist, but was a poor goat-herder taken along for the ride. Additionally, it would be important to Americans to learn to be friendly to Muslim Americans so as to establish with and to dialog with Muslim Americans rather than base their actions solely on the Islamophobic propaganda that the neoconservatives are peddling. Regarding Islam, if I read another lie about Aisha and Muhammad, then my satire is going to get interesting: for example, defending teenaged pregnancy by claiming that the Virgin Mary was an unmarried pregnant lady who was married by Joseph to prevent scandal. It is likely that she would have been stoned for having premarital sex with someone she called "The Lord" after someone named "Gabriel" told her about being mother to the coming Messiah. Therefore the Christ story was probably concocted as propaganda long after Roman occupation of Judea after 63 BCE. However, Jesus never existed as depicted in the Bible. Rather, there may have been a priest-king named Jesus of whose cult members were persecuted by Saul. Therefore, Paul of Tarsus is the chief propagandist of the Christ myth. My reason for this alternate theory to the Christ story is due to the modern day Christian's role in the bloody debacle being played out in Syria today. Their right wing advocates against the Syrian government of al Assad are peddling the Islamophobic propaganda among Tea Party members by their GOP handlers. They use generalizations based on the fallacy that all terrorists are Muslims — "all terrorists are Muslims. Al Qaeda is a Muslim terrorist organization. Osama bin Laden was the leader of al Qaeda. Therefore Osama was a Muslim terrorist." However, not all Muslims are terrorists. Most Islamophobic propaganda does not distinguish between radicals and moderates. This is why I call Islamophobia propaganda. Additionally, the fallacy that Bashar al Assad is almost as evil as Hitler is propaganda used to justify war on Syria. In conclusion, regarding Syria, no one's hands are clean of this mess. All participants including Canada may be guilty of war crimes. You have been informed. Update: As of February 3, 2014, al Qaeda has broke with the ISIL due to a dispute between al Qaeda and ISIL. Additionally, the ISIL militants have taken over oil wells and placed tolls on vehicles entering its territory. Syrian rebels has stated that they don't mind al Qaeda's remaining terrorists in the Nusra Front since they are not as eager in profiting from the fact that much of the infrastructure in parts of Syria are ripe for making gobs of cash. It looks like the American government has created a monster. Update: As of December 7, 2015, it is most likely that the American government created the Islamic State. Originally known in the West as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) or ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), in the Middle East, and among informed academics and politicians in the West, another name associated with the Islamic State: Da'esh. Documented proof exists that the Islamic State was manufactured by the US government to fight in Iraq and in Syria, mainly to destabilize both nations. Back in 2005, in an opinion editorial in the L. A. Times by UC Berkley law professor John Yoo, he mentions a tool that could be used to fight against al Qaeda: "Another tool would have our intelligence agencies create a false terrorist organization. It could have its own websites, recruitment centers, training camps and fundraising operations. It could launch fake terrorist operations and claim credit for real terrorist strikes, helping to sow confusion within Al Qaeda's ranks, causing operatives to doubt others' identities and to question the validity of communications." According to Peter Santilli, who runs an alternate media show in his name, this is the smoking gun that points to his contention that Islamic State was created by the CIA. He contends that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a CIA covert agent. Originally, al-Baghdadi was created by al Qaeda to legitimize the leadership of the Islamic State of Iraq prior to 2010. Later on, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi replaced the Iraqi actor who played al-Baghdadi. When al-Baghdadi was killed in 2010, he was replaced by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. An elaborate back story for Abu Bakr — also known as Abu Dua — has enhanced his prestige as leader of Islamic State. However, at the time of the Coalition invasion of Iraq in 2003, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was a Muslim cleric who helped found the militant group Jamaat Jaysh Ahl al-Sunnah wa-l-Jamaah (JJASJ), in which he served as head of the sharia committee. After he was arrested by US Forces-Iraq in 2004 near Fallujah, he was detained at Camp Bucca detention center under his name Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badry. In 2005, he was released from Camp Bucca as a "low level prisoner". In 2006, his group JJASJ joined the Mujahideen Shura Council (MSC). He served as a member of the MSC's sharia committee. Later that year, when MSC became Islamic State of Iraq (ISI), Abu Bakr was the general supervisor of the ISI's sharia committee and a member of the group's senior consultative council. When Osama bin Laden died in May 2011, Abu Bakr praised the leader of al Qaeda and threatened violent retaliation. On May 5, 2011, al-Baghdadi claimed responsibility for an attack in Hilla, that killed 24 policemen and wounded 72 others. On August 15, Mosul was targeted by ISI, resulting in 70 deaths. Later, on their website, in response to bin Laden's death, ISI vowed to kill 100 attacks throughout Iraq. As leader of ISI, al-Baghdadi orchestrated the killing of prominent Sunni lawmaker Khalid al-Fahdawi in August 28 2011. According to a June 11, 2014 Washington Post interview of Colonel Kenneth King, Abu Bakr was detained from 2005 to 2009. This disinformation was used by conspiracy theorists to substantiate claims that the CIA trained Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and to support the theory that the Islamic State is in fact the tool used to destabilize Iraq and Syria. In 2013, as ISIL insurgency made its way into eastern Syria, al-Baghdadi declared that ISI would now be known as Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) which could be alternately translated from Arabic as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). He also stated that al-Nusrah Front (Jabhat al-Nusra) be merged with ISIL. This led to a break with al Qaeda, with 80% of al Nusrah Front being absorbed into ISIL. Mainstream media use of the alternate name for ISIL, ISIS, led to its popularity due to the acronym being similar to Isis, an ancient Egyptian goddess of life and fertility. A few Christian and Muslim religionists might manufacture the fallacy that ISIS is as evil as the ancient Egyptians who conquered the Middle East because some of them were the pagan worshipers of Isis. Yet there is no evidence that the ancient conquest of the Middle East was done in the name of Isis, given that the ancient Egyptian god Ra is associated with ancient Egyptian royalty and their conquests. Of course, mainstream media refrains from the use of such a pointless fallacy. By the beginning of 2014, after pushing al Nusrah Front out of the Syrian city of Ar-Raqqah, and fighting with the faction throughout the Deir ez-Zor Governorate left hundreds of militants dead and displaced tens of thousands of Syrians. In February 2014, al Qaeda cut off all ties with ISIL. Meanwhile, mainstream media discovered that al-Baghdadi and the ISIL received private financing from citizens in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Then in June 2014, al-Baghdadi declared that ISIS would be known as the Islamic State (IS), and he would be its Caliph. Over the intervening months, the Islamic State murdered a Jordanian pilot, which led to a response from the military of America, Jordan and other Arab nations to attack them. In time, Russia joined them, defending Syria from the IS and recently clashing with Turkey. Perhaps the fall of Syria has been delayed. Only time will tell. Update for December 19, 2015: Islamic State is a joint CIA and Pakistan ISI product known in the mainstream media as terrorist organization. Yet what the news reports fail to mention is that Islamic terrorists groups like the Islamic State, al Qaeda and the Taliban have been manufactured by Israeli Mossad with aid from the US spy agency (CIA), Pakistan's ISI, Canada's black ops unit, Joint Task Force, and many other spy agencies of Western nation allied with the Us military. Five Eyes are needed to manipulate the news media to prevent an honest and truthful exposure of this smoke and mirrors shell game that the intelligence agents play while replacing honest reporting in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and the US with the straw man called "the Islamic militant" AKA "Muslim terrorist." Even the Paris attack consisted of a black ops crew consisting of French military personnel in plain clothes who led the dissidents on their killing spree last month. Likewise, the shooting in San Bernardino was morphed into a terrorist attack, with the purported terrorists' home open to news reporters in an effort to contaminate the scene of the dissidents' bomb-making. These false flag operations are designed to satisfy the MSM's hunger for terrorism, and their desire of the government to protect its citizens. Instead, sometimes the dissidents go roguecafter training and morph into terrorists thanks to their radicalization in Saudi Arabia during Hajj, the Muslim faithfuls' annual pilgrimage to Mecca to worship God Almighty as they circumambulated the Kaaba. If you want to stop terrorism, then demand that the governments of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand bring home their spies from the Middle East. Though it may be true that those who live by the sword may die in bloody conflict, this militancy has not been sanctioned by a imam, thus proving that Islamic State is only Islamic in name only. Islamic State's religious leanings remind me of a darker and more homicidal version of US domestic terrorism, with the trappings of religion so as to legitimize these militants' violence by declaring that all of Islam in the Middle East is apostate and thus ought to be excommunicated from the mosques ad the streets, by force if necessary. Yet its militants are subtle secularists who have worn the robes of Muslim holy rollers and whose action gives religion a day name. For a true Muslim has no need to wage jihad on the Crusaders embedded in the Coalition's forces, who are inspired by Christ an war hawks. Thus islamophobia that paints Islam as a warrior religion ignores the old Testament as the source of such militancy in Christendom. Indeed, the Old Testament is full of stories about armies warring to win the Holy Land for the nomadic Semites in ancient times, who settled in Jerusalem after captivity and became the jews of today. While the West overlooks the religious origins of rivalry between Sunni and Shi'a due to socialist romaticism, the truth is, favoring Israel over Jordan and perpetuating the bloody mindedness of thechosen ones in spite of the promise of Jesus Christ to return. Mankind cannot usher in a free world devoid of religion, due to the willingness to mistake that freedom for license, breaking bonds of spiritual devotion in order to deal thoroughly with the secular world because it is the 21st century. How modern to fight each other with weapons, with the Israeli government willing to compromise human rights for the sake of right-wing radicalisms that favour assassination, servitude, and starvation. Small wonder the New Left is willing to risk being seen as antisemitic when, in fact, antisemitism now only consists of hate crimes against Jews. Yet Israeli rightwingers are wont to say they don't misrepresent the truth that Palestine is not an urban legend but rather the fact they need to show friendliness to the Syrian immigrants and live what the Christ taught us. It is the obligation of the West to love one another and to love your enemies, because love is the answer to militancy and war! I am sure that all you need is to willingly practice the charity that Paul wrote of in 1 Collosians 13, which is of the Christ. Even a true Christian, Jew, and Muslim would know this to be true, but would only abandon the Old Testament fir churchvdoctrine, and replace charity and love with subtle antisemitism and the willingness to split up the house of Shem into Arab and Jew, Jews and Muslims. Both Judaism and Islam are based in part on ancient Hebrew tradition and Arabic principles of justice, not petty tribalisms like honkurvkukkings. That war in the Middle East was manufactured by the West's foreign policy in the Middle East. So no nation usi free of responsibility.
Originally posted on 1/19/14, 12:24 PM Pacific Standard Time


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