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The San Bernadino Shooting Incident A False Flag? (satire)

Recently the horrible San Bernadino shooting incident is purported to be a domestic terrorist incident by mainstream media.

However, this is most likely propaganda designed to keep the neoconservatives occupied. Meanwhile the Department of Home Security, the FBI and the local San Bernadino police department are keeping their fellow Americans safe for "truth, justice and the American way."

According to the propaganda manufactured by the news media, the instigators of the San Bernadino shooting are homegrown terrorists, inspired by Islamic State. This is based on discovered evidence at the couple's rented home.

Like the recent Paris attack, it might be another false flag operation involving a Pakistani double agent working with her partner, both of whom were deemed expendable by the CIA. In both incidents, the men who shot up people were described as tall and white.

Yet the news media will not report this, because it does not fit with the propaganda that it is a domestic terrorist incident.

Most likely, this was a domestic terrorist incident by a couple of extremists influenced by the Muslim Salafi sect, who operated on their own.

The San Bernardino Shooting: What Really Happened Behind the Scenes:

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