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The Ubiquity of Google is Long-Lived (satire)

On or before June 8, 2013, Google implemented the network to improve Internet surfing from most Android phones registered to Android phone users via gmail.

This may also apply to computers that use the Googleplus portal.

I discovered this when using the os.monitor app, the google mapper in it spat out a map of the Whitehorse, Yukon location for the IP address two zero nine dot fifty two dot one eighty nine dot eighty eight & its address written as words substituting for digits 0-9 to reduce IP address traffic from crackerjack botnets.

Great job, Google​! My Zte Grand X View is totally protected by your proxy server, thanks to my provider's alliance with your global network - a joint Telus-Google venture, no doubt.

Even your YouTube app is awaiting your command to stream content suggested by my viewing habits.

NB: no evil done. The paranoid sysadmin was just overly paranoid of the ubiquity of the global cache-google server farm. Its purpose is to speed up the network using local mirros of everything they cache.

If you want to tap into it, and have a knowledge of how to do so, add the Google OpenDNS enabled DNS server at However I am not responsibility for any loss of connectivity.



Shaw BC DNS redirect for Google mystifies home lan sysadmin:

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