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Associated Post, Reuters and Voice of America Mainstream Media Propaganda Sources (Satire)

As of Tuesday previous to this date on March 16, 2016, the latest revelation is that both AP, Reuters and Voice of America take bribes from Qatari and Saudi government officials to spread propaganda that is sectarian that contains fallacies about Iran.

Not only that, MainStream Media news-bytes tend to re-frame freedom fighters as terrorists - especially the Muslim radicals who bombed Brussels recently, most of whom are probably Belgian citizens disenfranchised by the European majority that daily oppress them by being bigots and racists.

Maybe a certain pope a long time ago made a big error in not allying with the Mongols of the Golden Horde.

Today, the Belgian security forces and police are doing door to door searches to oust freedom fighters of Muslim origin, fellow citizens that ghettoized themselves due to antipathy toward multi-faith solidarity, in stark contrast to the fact that Belgium is a mix of French, German and Dutch nationalities along with Walloons and other Franconian peoples.

A shame that Belgium excludes non-Europeans from the multicultural existence of the EU, just because they don't speak a European language or follow Eurocentric customs that are based on what is taught in grade school.

Sure, those so called terrorists might have been trained by an Islamist radical fresh from Syria or Iraq. However, the propaganda labels them terrorists because mainstream media wants it that way.

Only sheeple call them terrorists, which makes AP, Reuters and VoA their most trusted source of disinformation. Well, I am not a sheep, so IMHO these Muslims are freedom fighters fighting the subtle tyranny of the European majority, both in Brussels and in Paris.

Anyone who differs with me about this online tends to discount me or pretend I am stupid by engaging in hilarious ad hominems rather than actually understanding that it is not I that is the sheep.


Originally published on March 22, 2016 at 6:40 PM.


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Stephen Kawamoto said...

Arabic Translation:

No I am not going to paste text in Arabic here, since everyone ignores it. Even the silent brothers of Islam in the Maghreb and in the Levantine, as well as the Muslim Diaspora.

Stephen Kawamoto said...

إذا أنت لا تستطيع قراءة اللغة الإنجليزية بهدوء، ثم GOOGLE.TRANSLATE يكون صاحبك.