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Being Stoned, Drunk, High or Psychotic

Being stoned while seeking the Divine is like being caught in religious ecstasy where one is in awe of the realization that

  1. we are just a tiny insignificant part of the cosmos,

  2. all the usual trials in life cannot remove that wondrous moment of awe found in that almost spiritual higher state of mind called "divine madness", and

  3. merrily laugh away all our trouble before that madness quickly fades and is forever forgotten when a tiny voice suddenly cries, "I'm hungry! Let's go eat!!"

Although our physical hunger is barely satisfied while moved by such madness, the origins of that hunger is spiritual, and motivates the sublimation of the libido, which is the root of all human creation. Only with unconditional love are we able to better appreciate this madness, whether its genesis is due to intoxicants or our physical condition. With respect of love's power to transform such madness into that sense of awe of the divine, we seldom fall prey to fear. Once fear is appeased, it no longer perverts our memory of the very first time we were transformed by the state of unity with the Divine itself, be it God or the Absolute Body of the Cosmic Buddha. Thus is being at one with the Divine, be it through madness or religious ecstasy, a vital part of the human condition. For all of us who are born human are especially privileged to don this form and play out our roles in the human realm. "Rare is it to be born a human being and even rarer to have heard the message of the Buddha."

Originally posted: May 26, 2010 at 7:08 PM

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