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Achieving Pure Mind

Through meditation, the pure mind is achieved. Here is how it is done.

When I meditate, I don't ever try to achieve No-thought. Trying usually leads to many thoughts arising rather than none.

Besides, No-thought actually means "not holding onto a single thought." By not holding onto a single thought, I let my thoughts flow but let go of any attempt to stop them, and return to breath meditation.

Thus the samadhi of breathing leads to No-thought.

Indeed, samadhi of No-thought is a vain game of controlling thinking that is doomed to failure when trying to not think, precisely because thinking is a natural part of what the Ego does when threatened by the stillness of the calm mind.

I have yet to read of such a samadhi that focuses on not thinking. Since samadhi means "single-minded focus to the point of single-mindedness," the samadhi of No-thought requires the ability to not hold onto a single thought rather than the vain attempt to not think at all.

Therefore, the focus on letting thoughts flow is the result of the samadhi of No-thought. The thoughts flow but meditation helps me to focus on letting go of them. Having let go of them, I have achieve control of my mind. For my single-minded focus on breathing allows me to ignore the stream of thoughts.

In this way, I am not captivated by my thoughts which results in freedom from thinking. Paradoxically, with each breath I take, I am closer to No-thought.

This kind of mind control is the only true form of control. Any other kind of control may involve physical means, is thus oppressive and may be doomed to failure since its end result is egocentricity.

Once ego is conquered by meditation, the mind becomes calm like the eye of the storm. Even though thoughts may rise and fall during meditation, samadhi on breathing helps me to develop the skill of right concentration. With this skill it is possible to move onto samadhi of No-thought, and thus be unmoved by thinking.

In this way, the mind becomes purified.

Originally published: April 24, 2013 at 12:46 AM

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