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Depression Inspires Me to Become Whole

In child development, the child first enters the paranoid-schizoid position. Alone yet dependent on his mother or caregiver to which he's bonded, he learns good from bad, and what is appropriate.

Later, as he matures, he enters the depressive position, and may regress to the first position at times of stress, but overall, remains depressive.

Ergo there is no escape from depression. One just has to become whole to resist temptation to give up on oneself and commit suicide.

In order not to become a quitter, one has to undergo a holism of the personality. In order not to be a quitter, one nurtures both aspects of the inner psyche.

If a man, both the masculine and feminine elements of the personality are nurtured. In this way a man does not have to chase the inner feminine by marrying women to satisfy the deep inner need to be whole.

Instead, by nurturing both aspects of the personality, one becomes whole and may choose to seek a healthy relationship without the need to seek the opposite sex to feel whole.

IMHO depression is normal. What is abnormal is giving up on oneself because of a lack of wholeness.

It may be simplistic to believe that suicide might be due to a personality which appears not to be whole, but IMHO it beats the routine of booking into Emergency if it gets to that point.

If you feel non-attachment to depression, that's a start. However, it's a fallacy to conclude that non-self is the same as nihilism.

For deep sadness arising from depression is an opportunity to become more than just being yourself. It provides inspiration to become whole and complete.

In that journey, one never gives in to despair because one nurtures both the inner feminine and inner masculine parts of his or her personality, thus becoming whole and complete.

To better illustrate what this entails, the concept of yin and yang may be necessary: both one's inner feminine and inner masculine qualities need to be nurtured to become whole and complete as a person. A study of taoism may be necessary to introduce oneself to the idea. However, if one is more attuned to a Western outlook on life, then there are plenty of self-help texts incorporating such holism in a manner amenable to one's particular tastes.

All it takes is the courage to change the things one can, especially the tendency to overemphasize one's gender to the detriment of being whole and complete.

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