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Faith, Religious Practice and Quasi-Religious Practice of Social Drinking (Humour)

Faith, or entrusting, originally used to be known as the clear mind achieved after mindful practice of Buddhist meditation.

To the inexperienced outsider, such faith is discounted as the result of religious indoctrination, not excluding "brainwashing", which I attribute to a lack of respect for spirituality.

Perhaps this is why religious people and their spiritually-included brethren get annoyed at spiritually shallow people.

Though people without any observable religious practice still search for spiritual nourishment unconsciously by developing rituals i.e. "weekend drinking" where a group of people gather together to socialize where they drink to excess, and after excess imbibing, may be inspired to repeatedly pray to the porcelain altar. :)

It's no wonder that Buddhism includes as one of its precepts for lay people to lay off the sauce and imbibe from an unlimited fountain of spiritual development found through meditation instead.


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Steve said...

This leads me to suspect that alcoholism is, in fact, a non-religion as described above.