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God as Creator and the Created versus Buddhism

Those who say there is no God do not know God at all. Yes, I am saying that atheists are inherently agnostic. In denying there is a God, by one's denial, the spiritual sees that the atheist does not know God because of a lack of spiritual depth.

Even I as a Buddhist know God but by another name. However, I do not cling to God as permanent entity apart of the cosmos, but see him as being both Creator and the Created.

However, my view of God is distinct from my Buddhist practice as belief, being opionion only.

For a Buddhist, it's more important to endorse the use of meditation, mindfulness and its effect on the mind since the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Noble Path and Depedent Arising and their validity are verified by directly experiencing life and then using meditation to reflect on one's experience.

By use of nondual reasoning, I have found that the panentheistic view of the cosmos - seeing God as Creator and the Created - agrees with my Buddhist worldview.

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