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Can a Good Muslim Help Me to See?

In this blog entry I will be writing about the Muslim world based on what I have read. If the reader is a Muslim, and wishes to correct any errors I have made, then I would be happy to accommodate you. Any misunderstanding about Muslim culture as seen by an unbeliever is all mine.

There are Maghreb Muslims, mostly Berbers and some Nigerians. Overall, the North Africans tend to be willing to moderate.

Yet much of the fanaticism arises after the men make that fatal trip to Mecca.

Then Qutbian heresy beguiles them, and they may lean towards right-wing fanaticism with anti-Semitic rhetoric.

The irony that both Arabs and Jews are Semitic is lost among them, and so too are the common roots of the Middle East.

The Saudis range between secularism and fanaticism, and the Qutbian fanaticism has led one prince to make money off European drug addicts by importing coke illegally on his private jet from Latin Americas.

If he is caught, all he has to do is pay a hefty fine and the EU condones it, who instead use the bribes to continue the US war on drugs.

In the Muslim Diaspora, the Muslim who actually outshine these criminals tend to be victimized by the fanatics, who pretend to be good Muslim, but are bringing shame to Islam.

A good example of this is what is happening in the suburbs of Europe. Most of the poverty there is not just due to racism but also by a well-moneyed elite which oppresses its own people, and abuses the traditional culture underlying the Muslim world.

It is hard to see how Sharia would work to prevent the excesses of Muslim culture (oppression of women and religious hypocrisy) when the way it is practised now allows men to escape responsibility for their actions (using the cover of a holy war to do violence men, women and child) by calling it God's will.

I find it frustrating that the West sometimes condones the excesses, and the perpetrators are allowed to escape justice.

Though it is commendable that Western justice does not cave in to misuse of anti-racist legislation by Muslims to help their brothers, fathers, uncles and other wretched men escape responsibility for their crimes.

In conclusion, I will like to point out that overall Muslims are an honourable people, and do respect Western law when living in the West.

I thoroughly condemn any Western court which refuses to carry out justice because of "religious sensitivity". We never see such a court condone crime by Christians and Jews alike who may resort to "God's will" to excuse their brutal behavior on their fellow man.

However, I may not be seeing the whole picture here. So my view of Islam is myopic.

Please, could anyone from the Muslim community enlighten me?

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