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Letting go of Ego (poem)

Letting go of ego
being embraced by
Thusness, the wise ones cut through
delusion and view
Buddha Nature as Self Nature.

Holding onto ego,
letting go of Thusness,
the fool tightly clings
to delusion with all his might --
Phantasies are at his command!

Seeing ego as delusion,
calm mind is the mindful one's reward
for just sitting still --
with such purity of mind
one uncovers Buddha Nature.

With five senses arise
five consciousnesses with
the sixth reflecting upon these five,
to realize ego is impermanent,
the seventh consciousness is free
to view Alaya consciousness as Thusness,
leaving all eight empty of substance.
Not clinging to them at all,
one is liberated from samsara,
only to return to this world
to help others find the Way.

So let go of ego as self,
and cut through the delusion
of Alaya consciousness as soul
to uncover Buddha Nature
which is Self Nature for
both are empty of substance.

Thus does this foolish one
stop clinging to ego,
and all thought of soul transmigrating
is washed away by all waters
flowing into the Ocean of Mind,
that refreshes us all
with liberation from samsara.

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