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Realizing Emptiness

"It is said that not fearing the profound meaning of emptiness but feeling inspired by it is the sign of a fortunate being who has heard and trained in the teachings before and is destined to swiftly reach awakening." -- The Two Truths, Patrul Rinpoche, Lotsawa House -

For me, the profound meaning of emptiness is inspiring.

In stating that I am inspired by it, there is not even a tinge of clinging to it.

Indeed, once realized, the profound meaning of emptiness is liberating, for one is freed of doubt.

Even though I am fortunate, it does me no good to tell the whole world.

Perhaps I have heard and trained in the teachings before this life.

That I may be destined to swiftly reach awakening only inspires me to dedicate myself to the Buddhadharma.


Steve said...

"Emptiness means perceiving neither ‘empty’ nor ‘non-empty.’ The natural radiance of emptiness can appear as anything at all. Since it is empty as it appears, appearance and emptiness are a unity. This can only be known by looking inwards. It is within the domain of your own self-knowing awareness-wisdom." - Nirvana Sutra

Steve said...

Since mind is not a duality,

Look as if there is nothing to be looked at.

This mind of ours is not seen by any ‘looking’.

Mind’s very nature of mind is not realized by being ‘seen.’

In fact, there is not the tiniest fraction

Of something to be looked at.
-- Machik Labdrön

Steve said...

This is why meditation works: it treats the mind as real.

Medication only helps to inspire healing by freeing the mind from unrest.

Yet it is by listening to the Buddhist masters that we find rest:

When nothing whatsoever is conceptualized,
How could you possibly go astray?
Annihilate your conceptions. And rest. - ibid.

Steve said...

The jewel of faith, the jewel of discipline,
The jewel of giving, the jewel of learning,
The jewel of dignity, the jewel of self-control,
And the jewel of wisdom—these are the seven riches.

These most sacred forms of wealth
Are seven riches that can not be exhausted. -- The Jewel Rosary of Bodhisattvas