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Use The Nembutsu to Transcend Fear of Death

With each call the Name-that-calls helps he who calls to transcend the fear of death.

That Amida Buddha and his Pure Land exist as a result of fulfillment of his 48 Vows is true because of millions of Pure Land followers' belief in him. It is that belief which helps them to transcend fear of death, because they will be reborn in the Pure Land due to their faith.

Fearless of death, the devotee is not foolish. She does not act or behave in a manner to risk death, but her conduct is such that each act is done out of devotion to Amida. She also practices all the Buddhist virtues faithfully. Through but one call to Amida, the resulting bliss helps her transcend fear of death.

Bliss leads to serenity, and serenity of mind leads to the pure mind which enjoys the non-practice of the Name.

For the non-practice of Nembutsu helps one to develop calm insight to comprehend the Buddhadharma and put its teachings into practice. The reason why the Name-that-calls transcends the fear of death with each call is because faith in Other Power motivates the devotee to utter the Name with sincere gratitude and out of pure joy.

That this is true is inconceivable to ordinary people, yet is understood by the faithful. There is no mystery involved in this practice, only simple faith in the Name-that-calls.

Thus do I place my faith in the Buddha.

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