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Ultimate Reality is delusion (poem)

No eloquent prose will reveal
the truth about ultimate reality,
for it does not exist forever,
and thus is impermanent.

In prose which claims
this life is empty of reality,
only half the truth is present,
for reality too is full
of life, from birth to death.

Thus, the truth of reality is
discovered by experiencing
this life, and pausing to
reflect on its impermanence.

Yet ultimate reality is delusion
when, in becoming attached to it,
the disciple forsakes this life
for the Ultimate, only to find
such a reality is the ideal.

Even ideals will fade,
to be replaced by skills
to help transcend reality,
and experience the Ultimate.

These skills are derived from
experiencing life from birth
to death to the fullest,
and pauses to reflect on it,
and let go of attachment.

In letting go of attachment,
the disciple sees the Ultimate
just as it is, beyond reality
and yet of reality as it is.

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