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No-self (Non-self) as the Root of Nirvana

Egotism is a spiritual disease in which one thinks his ego is permanent, and others should worship it by treating him with respect.

However, ego does not exit and nor does soul.

All that transmigrates is the mind only in the form of consciousness.

Indeed, careful study of sunyata (emptiness) shows us that a mind empty of ego is free of rebirth and ripe for nirvana.

This spiritual truth may be validated by experience.

When you are full of yourself, please declare to the world that you are.

If people treat you with more respect, then they have respect for the ego.

If they do not treat you well, then they have no respect for ego.

If they ignore you, then this validates what the Buddha said about such folly.

For no-self is the root of nirvana, because the First Truth declares that all life is filled with unrest.

Indeed, the Second Truth tells us that it is endless craving, not desire, that causes such unrest.

In the Third Truth we learn that spiritual may be cured by satisfying such unrest through skillful means.

Finally the Fourth Truth presents the Eightfold Path as such means.

Through the Eightfold Path is the root of nirvana realized by helping us to see that no-self aids in bringing rest to the mind, and ultimately peace.

1 comment:

Steve said...

Buddhism teaches us that all views do not lead us to ultimate reality.

Instead, they lead us down the garden path to stop and smell the flowers.

Thinking ultimate reality is revealed by meditation and how many initiations you get is like picking flowers, only to have them wilt hours later.

The truth is, no view of ultimate reality truly exists.

Rather, reality is confirmed by being of service to others.