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Poverty is not the Root of Crime

Crime itself is due to choosing to give in to ignorance, anger and hatred.

At the core of it is a mind deluded into thinking in despair, one chooses unwisely.

Yet if the rich could buy their peace of mind, then so much more can the poor achieve peace of mind, if they choose to stop.

For all life is suffering, its root being clinging to what little one has, its cure being to stop clinging dearly, and applying eight simple steps to give it up for a better life.

First one needs to understand that dependent arising is both the root of suffering and its salvation, that through focus on calming the mind, one learn to control the mind, rather than being controlled by others.

With practice, one develops calm insight and can find his way out. Eventually he chooses not to steal or cause harm to others.

So is he free, willing to stand up to his oppressors, even die for his belief.

Thus, the cure for crime is so easy, yet we complicate it by rejecting the Buddhadharma and pretending that it is caused by poverty.

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