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The World is Ephemeral (poem)

To the dreamer, the world is ephemeral,
both within and without the mind.
No one actually comprehends this truth,
except for the Awakened.

Yet who is this dreamer
that sees all yet is in all of us?
No one truly knows for certain,
except for the Awakened.

So let the dreamer sleep in peace,
lest the world dissolve into the Void.
No one certainly has tried,
except for the Awakened.

For the beauty of Awakening
from this dream is boundless joy
being at one with all,
unconditioned and free.


Steve said...

Both this world and nirvana are empty of substance i.e. ephemeral.

Since this world is samsara and both samsara and nirvana are empty of substance, samsara is empty of nirvana and nirvana is empty of samsara.

Yet nirvana is full of peace of mind; and samsara is full of endless craving.

Thus, it is indeed mysterious to discover that samsara and nirvana are indistinguishable with regard to emptiness.

Steve said...

Inspiration for this poem: