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Seasonal Affective Disorder

June 15, 2010: It's the middle of June now, and I'd like to be prepared for the onset of SAD now when I am at my highest.

That means for the month of September, I'll see if the mirtazapine makes a difference.

While on this med, I do not mistake the fatigue for depression.

Currently, the changes in sleep pattern appear to mimic the changes in sleep pattern I would undergo during the longer days of summer.

Tho I enjoy sleeping more than usual, both because of the medication and because it's a healthy hobby! :p YMMV

IMHO the best way to beat SAD is to make sure that I have plenty to do in the fall and winter. Being on-line 24/7 does not healthily preoccupy my time.

My plan during the summer is to study Vajrayana, and get involved in the Buddhist community outside Jodo Shinshu.

Hopefully by the fall I'll see how committed I am to this path because it would preoccupy my time during the winter.

Update: 20130124.1820

Over the course of two years since the original post, I veered back to Pure Land Buddhism, of the Chinese flavor mixed with True Pure Land school.

My medication also has been reduced to gabapentin and cyclobenzaprine with good results for sedation and sleep architecture.

For about six months I even tried out Baptist.

Yet I always return to Pure Land since I grew up on it. It's just like when I try to pray, I return to the Nembutsu.

Recently I have affirmed my commitment to Amida Buddha. Over the past month, Buddha Remembrance has resulted in focus, joy, and peace of mind.

As a result of these improvements I've noticed that meditation has resulted in one-pointedness of mind due to ease of focus. This has improved my mood, resulting in more experiences akin to pure joy. Due to ease of focus during meditation, I have also achieved peace of mind.

For focus is related to pure concentration in meditation; joy, the fruit of concentration; and peace of mind, the essence of clarity of mind. The improvement in my mood has allowed me to enjoy being outside, riding transit while on errands.

Overall, I have managed Seasonal Affective Disorder through the use of meditation and regular exercise.


Steve said...

After talking to the psychologist today, he's helped me to realize that SAD may be due to (the fear of) being rejected socially.

So I've been thinking about rejection within the context of social isolation.

Steve said...

Social isolation to the loner is him rejecting the world for rejecting his willingness to give of himself. At the root of it is giving up.

However, this negativity of throwing in the towel may be transformed into great effort to overcome laziness which fuels rejection.

For it is by effort that we overcome laziness, and achieve our goals.

So my goal presently is to accept rejection as inspiration to continue with the effort to stay in touch with my ex-GF and another female friend.