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Armchair Dream analysis

This post is snarfed from a "hidden" forum on Craigslist, and is posted with the dreamer The Buffalo's permission. RIP Buff.

Since he isn't well versed in dream analysis, he isn't going to pretend to understand it.

IMHO probably this dream analysis reveals much of how analytical my mind gets when inhibitions are positively released by lack of sleep on my part.

Armchair dream analysis of dream
-=tis my humble opinion, oöäh?=-

The Buffalo proffered: I was back in Australia, a place I haven't been since I was just a wee child.

Commentary: usually a person dreams of the most vivid memories of childhood, since the unconscious mind is trying to say something to the conscious mind. That such detail is remembered is rare.

The Buffalo proffered: I was on Bondi beach in Sydney and I was about to ring the shark bell, just like I did when I was there.

Commentary: "Ring the bell" implies a reminder from childhood which may be recurring in present life, especially when the shark bell is used to warn when it's time to stop swimming because of danger. It also refers to danger to the person's life. Buffalo was ill with cancer over the past few years.

The Buffalo proffered: But then Evita Peron came up and told me no, so I didn't. Then she started singing "Don't cry for me Argentina", only it wasn't Evita, it was Madonna playing Evita, like in the movie.

Commentary: dreaming about Evita Person is vague symbolism, given that she and her husband were notorious for misuse of public funds.

It's a subtle clue about DEPRESSION. Here's how I know...

Madonna's role in the Peron drama was done despite Argentina not getting much more than few tourist dollars. There are people there suffering due to fiscal irresponsibility. I sure hope you aren't in debt or anything, because dreaming about Evita symbolizes money woes. Madonna symbolizes a strong woman in your past.

The lack of any male archetypes is typical, as they are obscured.


BTW I get my best dream analysis work when insomnia puts me on the caveman hours of 36 awake, 12 asleep. YMMV


Steve said...

Dreams usually offer clues in solving life's problems, and warning signs to stop and think in the here and now.

Rather than depression, this dream may be about emotions and feelings.

More accurately, Eva Peron represents emotional poverty while Madonna represents inner strength of will.

Steve said...

This dream analysis reveals that childhood memories are important to me on the emotional level.

"The shark bell" refers to the warning signs of imminent danger to the psyche by ego distortion i.e. the fallacy that the ego is the mind.

"Eva Peron" represents emotional poverty, which may result in depression.

There is also the undercurrent of emotional debt to the mother figure, which both Eva Peron and Madonna represent.

Overall, the dream is positive, and reveals a healthy ego coming to terms with the past.