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The Heart-Mind & Buddha Nature (poem)

Within and without
the heart-mind, everything in
the everyday world
has a spiritual essence
especially the mundane.

Within the heart-mind
everything is felt until
its rawness is seen,
then the salve of tenderness
is applied with sweet kisses.

Without the heart-mind
the cold logic of reason
chills even desire.
Frozen, no-mind shatters
and no-self cracks to reveal...

Buddha-Nature, the essence
of everything
contained in the Mind, reveals
that it truly is
self nature in the heart.

Self nature, Buddha Nature
are one in the Mind,
with five senses making
a monkey of the sixth, with
ego and the storebin, too.

Monkey mind arises with
the five senses
together to ride
the horse-like will
until the idea of craving
leads to clinging to
earthly desires.

At this point, will and feeling
inspired by desire
spur the seventh sense, ego,
to form behavioral
and mental negativities
that keep the mind from
hearing the call of Buddha Nature.

Rare it is to be born
a human, and
rarer to hear the call
of Buddha Nature,
and listening, to hear.

Yet having heard, the devotee
finds the Four Noble Truths
includes the Eightfold Noble Path,
the most useful guide
for true and real happiness.

Where anxiety once
led the unskilled ones astray,
and crying the blues,
uncertainty and sadness
both inspire the skilled ones
to mindful practice.

Mindfulness rests the mind,
and appeases ego,
allowing the heart to rise
to join as one,
the free and joyous heart-mind.

Within and without
the heart-mind, for everyday
that everything is
appreciated as sacred
is extraordinary.

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