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A Wake Up Call

Around 5 AM I got woke up by an angry female voice outside who told of the story of her pregnant roommate trying to kill her.

The man who was with her mumbled his reply back — he was smart to remain soft-spoken.

After a couple minutes they moved on.

This is why I dislike being within earshot of an argument or someone raising their voices so the whole neighbourhood could hear.

It makes me wish I took my sleep aid when I went to sleep at 2 AM.

On reflection, I feel a little sheepish because I raised my voice in the past, mainly due to not letting other people off the hook first so that I could get off the hook more easily.

It is disheartening to realize that a few people make so many inappropriate choices that they are prone to anger like that.

All I can do is meditate on what I heard and pray that my journey out of unforgiveness guided by the light of loving-kindness into recovery continues.

I realize that I cannot change what I hear.

What I am able to change is to transcend the habitual tendency to react to what I hear and act on the message hidden underneath all that hurt and anger.

What that lady is actually saying is "I am hurting, and upset my roommate tried to kill me because we didn't let each other off the hook."

It makes me thankful that I've let off my family, friends and loved ones off the hook.

By doing so, it is possible to quiet anger and heal my wounded soul.

All it takes is prayer and meditation on the messages hidden in an unseen stranger's anger.

So I am grateful for this woman who raised her voice in anger, and woke me up.

After a moment's meditation, all that comes to me is: "There but by the grace of God go I."

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