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Everything is beautiful (satire)

No, that's not a statement a manic makes. For everything is beautiful in life unless we suck the life out of it.

Most likely, there shall be complaints galore about the ugliness in life, and the punchline may be dropped. "I have a secret plan to make my life beautiful!"

Yet there will not be any coherent elucidation of that plan.

Why not? Because it's "a secret."

A person who is more holistically connected with the world would admit that he does not know why everything is beautiful.

A manic would question beauty because of the secret hatred that he possesses like a piece of rock crystal.

All around him, the world is sparkly like a diamond, yet out of reach.

Almost everyone else is enjoying the view, and finding gems of wisdom in the silver lining of Heaven itself.

Only the pessimist would call Heaven "the clouds above."

Even so, it is true that everything is beautiful in its own way.

Originally posted: September 10, 2011 12:29 PM PDT

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Steve said...

A child who get up, goes to the bathroom, and then goes to watch cartoon on TV is exhibiting insomnia, and possibly mania.

The whole life of a child is a fantasy, which makes it akin to psychosis.

All of it is temporary though.