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Anything is Possible (poem)

When you think it is going
to rain, it shall rain.
When you know it's all sunshine
and lollipops, shine! —
for the world is your oyster.

If I know of this,
then what shall become of it
but knowledge I use
to change my world everyday —
even when that change is small?

When you see the cup half-full,
never half-empty,
even a rainy day is great
despite the wetness —
for every day is golden!

How do I know this?
Because my experience
Taught me to see through
positive and negative
as though it was all neutral.

When you feel the moment has
produced the best of
possible worlds, remember:
there are exceptions
to each and every rule now.

With knowledge comes this:
the knower and the known are
entwined by close bonds
of knowing truth as it is —
anything is possible!

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