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Amy Winehouse: Could Anger Be Root of Her Untimely Death?

Although I've read that Amy Winehouse's Frank album was her best work, I never bought it; I got the Back to Black album, in which she cashes in on her notoriety.

My theory about her death is that her mum and dad had lost her when they divorced.

It broke her heart.

It was just a question of time before the issues that the breakup caused would become toxic.

Plus, she'd revealed warning signs after Frank i.e. she didn't like it, mainly cos she felt like she was manufacturing product for the label.

Also, her management team were not always looking out for her best interest.

Their reaction to the UN drug czar's comment a few years ago cinched that.

The lady made unwise choices because of anger issues stemming from her parents' divorce which she refused to get help for, even when offered help.

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