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Bipolar Disorder as Metaphor: It's not Just Venus vs Mars

Bipolar disorder is a metaphorical fight between Mars (sexuality, libido, nymphomania) and Venus (fertility, motherhood, feminine wisdom). Antidepressants put the disorder into remission by sedating Mars. Personally, I prefer seducing my inner Venus, but feminists would object.

Depression is represented by Saturn, the metaphor of limitation of control and power. Neptune represents inspirational and intuitive energy, and with respect to mental health, may signify hypomania.

The Sun may represent egocentricity, and ego-related disorders.

Moon represents the mind and emotions, but is also representative of the Oedipus complex.

Mercury represents the intellect and reason. This may be unaffected by the other planets. However, the egocentricity of the Sun has a strong influence on Mercury, with possible defects in intellect affecting rational thought.

Jupiter may indicate the religious affect of mental illness, which may be due to bipolar disorder.

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