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Thanks for Helping Me Better Access the Internet, Google!

Although I am a fan of 1930s & 1940s movies, I wouldn't want to live in those times. It really wasn't a great time because of the harshness of those times. The Depression had caused worldwide inflation. Innocent groups of people were being blamed for Germany's economic problems.

Even so, it may have been a simpler time for the people living then.

Today, my computer makes up for living in this post-modern world. Life is much more complex today than it was 70 years ago. We had our security shattered by 9-11. Subsequent wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq are now in the process of being discontinued. Small conflicts have been ongoing in many different parts of the world as well.

Locally, it's become harder to find a job. It's even harder for people to know others, as well as they know themselves.

When I walk away from the keyboard, I don't worry about what is happening in the world. What's the point of needlessly stressing myself out? Things not immediately affecting me are ignored.

When I am dead, life will carry on. Nobody but my closest friends will remember me. Though they will carry on with their lives, some of them will have benefited from knowing me. For my cares will be over forever in that future time.

As of this moment, I am happy and upbeat, because many people are counting on me to remain positive and a few of them actually need me.

This is why I appreciate having a computer. With it, I am able to share my deepest feelings with other people.

For I alone have decided so very long ago to use the Internet to motivate me, not crush my spirit.

So thanks to the internet, I've made a lot of friends and am thankful to each and every one of them.

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