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TYVM, Gentle Readers!!!!!!

It's been a couple months and hits to my blog have increased tremendously.

A month ago, I decided to monetize my youtube account, too.

Though the income has been modest ($1.81 for gandhara and 72 cents for youtube), you'll hear no complaints from me.

So almost daily I thank Google for their ad service.

Please don't get paranoid over the picture accompanying this blog entry, gentle readers.

Most of the statistics do not retain personal information about your choice of OS.

That cannot be done by Google. They do not have that mentality like cyber-criminals do.

I heartily endorse Google for their resistance to corruption by net-bot farms and hacking by foreign interests. Most of the information leaked was perhaps because one Windows computer was pwn'd, due to lack of security on that PC. I bet it was freshly installed too.

So thanks to the internets. You've been good to me and to Google!!!

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