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HERV and cancer: a hypothesis

Has anyone researched the role of (human endogenous retrovirus) HERV and its role in causing cancer?

The following is hypothetical. If any of it is does not happen, then I require MEDPLUS and other database evidence to improve it.

HERV are formed from human DNA in response to immuuological challenges. Its role during pregnancy is to prevent cell death in response to aggressive attack by the mother's immune system (mainly any macrophages that make it past the placenta filter).

In response to threat, HERV even infects macrophages, which stops producing hydrogen peroxide and becomes a HERV factory. Once the HERV uses all of the DNA and RNA in the white blood cells, new NERV emerge, and the blood cell dies.

At this point, the liver detects the dead white blood cells and begins to process it. HERV virii are then released and infect liver cells.

HERV in the liver replicate when exposed to cortisol during stress. Their purpose is to infest stem cells in the liver, which then go everywhere in the body causing cancer.

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