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State Abuse Leads to Suicide

Anna Caroline Jennings (1960 - 1992)

Anna Jennings was sexually abused when she was less than three years old. This was the first of several abuses that occurred over her lifetime, and put a confused, frightened child into a mental health system that neither recognized nor treated Anna's real problem. Diagnosed 'schizophrenic'.. she was institutionalized for more than 12 years from age 15 to 32. Although she attempted to communicate the 'awful things' that had happened to her, there was no one to listen, understand or help her. She took her life on October 24, 1992, on a back ward of a state mental hospital.

PTSD due to sexual abuse may look similar to "schizophrenic" symptoms, but the labeling is used by the authorities to pretend the abuse never occurred.

This is similar to Freud's rewrite of his "women's psychiatric disorders are due to incest" into the psychoanalytic theory co-opted by the State.

In a sense, psychoanalysis is a form of patient abuse. This is why it has the worst record for "cures" and lots of case histories of relapse and possible further victimization of clients of psychoanalysts.

As it stands today, the effective therapies accept life history as real to the patient, but do not address the history directly. Rather, the patients are given coping skills and strategies to do a continuing self-assessment on their own.

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