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Sex Sells! A Commentary on the Use of Women in Consumer Marketing

Here is a propaganda piece in Spanish. The youtube comment that rankles me is this one:
"Why do you think women have breasts? Why do you think they flash them all the time. It's advertisement."

No, actually in certain circles of post-modern descendants of Roman culture it's expected of women to dress like this. You will see this in Portugal, Spain, Italia, Romanian and even Greece with culturally distinct flavors of it across Europe and the Americas, especially in the US, Latin America, Central America, and South America.

A careful search of Youtube for TV broadcasts in the US, Mexico, Nicaragua, Belize, Guatamala, Panama, Brasil, Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay and other Latin American countries tends to confirm this.

It is actually a form of propaganda called marketing that attracts men more effectively to television based on their focus on women who dress in such a manner.

Since the objective of media outlets is to generate revenue from advertising,which is the most popular form of marketing today helping corporations to manufacture consumers from willing viewers of radio and television.

For advertising is consumer marketing, and subtle forms of the motto, "Sex Sells" are proven daily.

All you need is one picture.

In the case of the woman I chose to focus on, Natalia Domestico is a reporter for Noticias En Vivo, a Spanish language TV news for KRCA in Los Angeles, California.

KRCA is owned by Liberman Broadcasting, a media company operating out of Burbank, California. It caters mainly to the Spanish-speaking community of greater LA and Houston but is affiliated with Vida TV, which targets the Spanish-speaking immigrant community, HTTV and STV which targets the Mandarin-speaking Chinese community.

Since the 1990s and early 2000s, Liberman Broadcasting has expanded into Dallas and San Diego.

However, this is but a Latino macrocosm that extends into the countries mentioned above. I have also included Italy, Greece and Romania to acknowledge the post-modern descendants of the ancient Roman culture which enriched the language and traditions of these nations and the Romantic Language macrocosm.

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Radha Santadharma said...

Like propaganda,advertising makes use of the appeal to emotion fallacy.

Once a pretty woman is presented to the targeted audience, the fact that the video presented is in Spanish is forgotten.

Judging from the scenes presented in this video, it's about a certain aspect of consumer marketing.