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A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free) Feat. Cristina Scabbia - Music Video by Megadeth

Before I comment on this song, I wish to make the following disclaimer: I do not endorse suicide and thus am not responsible for any life-threatening choices made by anyone who reads this post.

According to Dave Mustaine, this song is actually Megadeath's contribution to people healing from the death of a loved one.

Even so, MTV still banned this song lest a suicidal person aspire to be set free.

IMHO Megadeath officially does not have respect for such suicides mainly because of the myths that suicidal people are cowards.

I have no doubt that such disrespect for suicide might inspire those people contemplating it to get pissed off and tragically end their lives.

Thus, suicide is the end result of rage at the hopelessness of their existence, which has been painted darkly both in the media and by misinformed people, including a few survivors.

Since I am of the opinion that the depression that precedes suicide is suppressed rage, suicide prevention requires informing and showing the depressed of the many alternatives which provide a fulfilling platform where they are heard, listened to, and consequently discreetly asked to rethink their final solution.

Indeed, suicide is one option which should only be taken IF AND ONLY IF it would promote a sympathetic pro-active movement to remedy the pain and thus prevent the possibility of copycats (humane euthanization).

My reaction to suicide is this: the fanciful wish that the ghosts of suicide victims haunt whoever the victim may claim is responsible for their demise.

If it is proven that the victim only has herself to blame, then the people responsible for saying so are irresponsible since each and every lack of sympathy by bystanders may have precipitated the crisis leading to suicide.

Such carelessness shown by a person's peers might result in a preventable tragedy.

However, the questions I will pose to potential suicide victims are: how can you throw your life away so easily? Why can't you save your life, which is so precious and beautiful? Can you see that whatever method you choose to end it all might not dignify your death?

FWIW, I feel that death by fentanyl which cancer victims choose is more dignified than a gun, jumping off a bridge or building, slit wrists, and hanging. This is because self-inflicted violence often is morally reprehensible to me i.e. each method desecrates the body and may cause unnecessary suffering.

However, death by drugs are also a desecration if the victim suffers. IMHO this is why death by a combination of opioids and another drug that amplifies the opioid's effect on breathing is cleaner than other methods. As well, government regulations make it difficult to obtain such drugs.

Returning to this song, Dave Mustaine appeared to disrespect Kimveer Gill in his response to the speculation by armchair journalists that the song inspired his mass school killing of one innocent victim and the wounding of 19 bystanders.

Yet I do not feel that Mustaine was disrespecting Gill as he was actually telling off the speculators.

By writing this article, my intent to show that the suicidal have suppressed their rage against the world so much that death is preferable to living in a world that consistently oppresses men for being gentle and good people like Kimveer Gill used to be before the three weeks of hell that he chose to live prior to his tragic end.

Ultimately, a suicide victim is often the victim of his short-sighted choices. Thus, suicide is the end result of self-victimization, made in isolation from the society that he chooses to condemn through his violent act of death by suicide.

Finally, let me against state clearly that I do not endorse suicide and thus am not responsible for any life-threatening choices made by anyone who reads this post.


Original posted: November 7, 2012 1045H
Update edited : February 26, 2013 2114H

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