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Adapting Dubstep Like Adapting Tai Chi: Learn it and Make it Your Own

I'm trying to teach myself dubstep (the dance moves, not remixing as dubstep).

I heard the Adele Set Fire to Everything rmix by skrillex and he failed on it. So sometimes it works, but not always.

Anyway, I try to mix up whatever I teach myself, and so it may be all wrong to other people.

I'm not interested in learning dubstep the right way, but in adapting it to my physiology. After I did it to tai chi, I made it my own.

Dubstep however appears to require footware that may promote self injury as you need a sole that does not "stick" to the surface it's on.

I can fake dubstep in socks but not in boots with "tracks".

Which means I'll need to invest in used bowling shoes as they allow one's feet to slide when needed.

Sorry for not adding a video to this blog entry, but i'm still looking for a tripod adapter for my smartphone.

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