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Mental illness Stigma Kills Discussion in Light of Recent Shootings

First it started with Marc Lepine, the Columbine school shooting, Kimveer Gill's spree at Dawson College in Montreal, the Theatre shooting by a gifted grad student, and now 20-yea old Adam Lanza killing little kids in a school in Newtown, Ct.

Throughout it all, while there has been call for open dialogue about mental illness, all the pundits have avoided such discussion and focused on gun control without serious discussion of the real problem.

Every time I bring it up, though I get a + for my effort, nothing but silence descends.

So it's up to me to mention it every time it's brought up and do so repeatedly, emphasizing that guns are not the problem here; mental illness is.

Yes, folks, being crazy or nuts is the big problem, and it begins in kindergarten.

That's when tomorrow's killer is weaned out, pumped full of drugs, and manufactured into a torture soul who kills, because of the social ostracism caused by children with behavior problems, tha autistic savant, the fidgety child with ADHD, and a handful of psychotic children, victims of abuse trying to cast a light on mental illness.

Later, medication fits into this scenario because schools are models of control, discipline and order. If Johnny asks the wrong question or worse, acts out, then it's off to the school psychologist to see if he needs medicated into submission.

Then his parents are given the medication propaganda before relenting and accepting the medication for his son, when the problem is, school have abandoned the Socratic method of teaching for academic streaming of students, fit for university but often incapable of critical thinking i.e. reflective thinking that befits a student of meditation.

Cut back to the Newtown school shooter: was he on Prozac and over-prescribed? Was his mother a good mother? Did this school have a problem with him when he was going to it?

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