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On Losing Friends, and Making Money from Blogspot

Hmm, I'm losing people from my GooglePlus Circles, most likely due to the articles I have written being too outspoken.

I make no apologies for airing my opinion about politics and religion. I try to do so mainly from my blog, though I often write the first draft on G+, cut and paste them to my blog.

However, I've noticed most of my posts about computers tend to get less hits than the posts about politics and religion.

Oh, and according to latest statistics, my blog should make me about $100 in about 100 weeks (circa 2014).

After a couple weeks of posting on my blog, I've realize that I need about 8 hours of time daily to make that goal in a shorter time.

So there's no point in reposting old articles unless I add more to them, beefing up my argument with Wikipedia "evidence".

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