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Why Adam Lanza Killed

His mom was a end of days cultist.

If that doesn't lead to neglect and subtle forms of child abuse, then I'm going to shut up about this.

However, there is nothing about the rumoured proposed hospitalization of Adam Lanza. Ergo, that's a rumour and unverified.

So my guess is, Adam Lanza killed not because his mom cared more about kids, but because as a survivalist, she'd inculcated some crazy shit in her son.

Maybe Adam went wacko because Nancy Lanza pissed him off.

He shot up the school because he wasn't treated respectfully there. his autism and Aspergers would have gotten him into special needs, and might have subjected him to the social isolation that precedes a personality disorder.

In short, Adam killed because the public school system is designed to manufacture two types of students: the academics and the "problem children".

For mental illness itself indicates that there is something wrong with society that's supposed to be inclusive but excludes anyone who cannot be controlled.

I fault the medical model of mental illness with its obsession with deficits and pathologies without balancing it with a social model of mental illness.

However, I feel that the Lanza shooting has less to do with mental illness and more to do with America's obsession with the Second Amendment to justify their obsession with guns.

In short, Adam Lanza is trying to show that, in the end, there is something wrong with how the public school system treats the problem child and with how a mother's obsession with guns would warp a child's mind.

Update: 20121226

More information about Adam Lanza's mother:

Update: 20130103

Edited the text to mention the models of mental illness and my first attempt to state that mass school killings little to do with mental illness and more to do with how the public education system treats the problem child and how a mother's obsession with guns warmps that child's mind.

When You Tie Shootings to Mental Illness,

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Radha Santadharma said...

Adama lanza did not kill his mother because he was crazy. He killed his mother because his mother improperly stored her weapons.

Why? Because she trusted her son not to get one and shot her after going into a jealous rage after she spent more time with 6 and t yr old kids than with him.

It is likely that Adam was emotionally immature, and nobody taught him how to "outgrow" jealousy. It requires a disciplined environment, and she was going to provide him with that, but he feared the loss of close proximity to his mother.

Thus, improper storage of firearms is why Adam Lanza killed is more likely the reason than specious claims of mental illness.