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Are You Just Evil or a Do-Gooder?

As an ex-Clubvibes member, the minute I saw the article called "Anonymity Doesn't always Make You a Jerk. It Might Make You Kinder."

Though I admit replying with a reference to that website for social drinkers and their fans (usually their designated driver), it's the fact that Clubvibes had both fuckwads who were this close to being abusive and do-gooders that drove me away.

Why? Because I was turning Evil due to lack of sleep and the power that relative anonymity gives people.

However, what the Evil-doers and do-gooders hated was me switching between extremes. They thought it was normal to either be an extreme Evil-doer everyone hates or an extreme do-gooder who wants to reform a member who cries about her worst time at a club.

Either way, a person is lifé.

That is why I tried to be a moderate who may appear to be totally Evil but actually is a do-gooder.

Even though I had fans on that website, they wouldn't all stick up for me when the Evil-doers who were bullies started their abuse.

That's because most people who stand up to the bullies tend to escalate the situation by answering the bully's challenge instead of saying clearly that they will not put up with bullying on-line and do not answer the challenge.

Word to the wise: tell the owner of any web forum if a cyber-bully decides to take his sexual frustration out on you by tearing a piece off you on-line.

After hours of watching people trade insults on-line on Club Vibes, I'd only stick up for the underdog if s/he actually wasn't Evil. Usually the best way to determine if they are, is to offer private compliments. As a rule, Evil-doers usually tell you where to go and block you.

Just like Club Vibes, there are kids on GooglePlus who follow this same mentality of being more evil than Google. Thankfully, G+ allows me to report, mute and block them. The same goes for Twitter.

Otherwise, I'd be lumped in with the Evil-doers for a stupid comment that never was abusive but definitely passive-aggressive (usually a quote from a favorite TV show like Dr Who or the cult classic Firefly).

However, that would be a totally Evil way of reasoning because if you think long and hard about what I said, it's usually a constructive comment.

Anyway, I stopped logging into Club Vibes when I realized I'd become just as Evil as the Evil-doers who used multiple accounts to indulge in passive-aggressive forms of abuse as a form of social engineering.

There was no longer any purpose in using my sageb1 account to be a do-gooder, because I had been Evil to friends and enemies alike.

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