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Mobilicity Has Cheapest Data Plans!

Rogers Communications cannot match Sprint's $30 unlimited, similar to Chatr at $45 (capped at 100 MB) and especially WIND's $35 unlimited (capped at 10GB) and Mobilicity's $45 ($25 plan + $20 Premium Data capped at 20 GB).

An unlocked 3-SIM phone for the Chat-Fido-Rogers network with an app to change wap, internet, and mms/sms information would be a best buy overall, though two of the carriers (Fido and Rogers) would have 3G (GPRS and EDGE), 3G+ (UTMS, HSDA), and 4G (HSDPA, LTE) while Chatr lacks HSDPA and LTE.

In contrast an unlocked smartphone capable of handling the bands (Nokia 500) can be used on Mobilicity but only for Metro Vancouver coverage - ditto for Wind.

It might take some work to get the Nokia 500 to use with Bell Canada and Virgin Mobile Canada or TELUS and Koodo Mobile, as GSM and EDGE may not be available but UTMS may. It is doubtful HSDA/HDSPA or LTE would work since the Bell/Virgin network uses a different frequency from the Chatr-Fido-Rogers network, and the Koodo/Telus network may use a different quad/5-band frequency setting.

Sadly though, people have it hard setting up their email on a smartphone asitis. A lot of the owners me age barely play songs or watch videos onit.

The above post ought be spoken with a Scots or Northumberland accent afore anyone accuses me of syntax errors.

This is an update of a Google Plus post dated July 17, 2012.

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