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The Amazing Adventure of Carla and Dr Who

On youtube, the previews of The Snowmen in the Dr Who Christmas special give just enough information to form its premise but barely enough to get the theme right.

However, the clever prequels with the Silurian detective and her love from Victoria England gives us a big clue that the Doctor is the greatest detective.

In real life, this episode is a reflection of Moffatt's new Sherlock Holmes series.  Though, it'd be nice for the Doctor to hide out in Victoria England, as I recall an episode with the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones where she played a servant and Doctor Who played a human being to avoid being killed by an enemy.

So after Series 6 "Death of Doctor Who" arc, it took five episodes to get rid of the Ponds by sending them back in time to 1946, in a time pocket that the Tardis cannot visit without being trapped.

It appears that a stone angel not unlike the ones in Series 05x04 and 05x05 sends them to that fixed point in time. It's so fixed that it fixes them in time in such a way that the Doctor can never rescue them.

Cue to Series 7x06 The Snowmen.

It turns out people's thoughts animated them. If you think of calm and peaceful tranquility, they turn to water. That's pretty Buddhist! ;)

It turns out that Carla used to be a barmaid, and does not let anything Doctor Who does to stop her from learning more about him.  Though she'll still get giddy adventuring throughtout time and space with him, without the need of ale.


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