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Methamphetamine Kills

Methamphetamine does not discriminate against bisexuals, gays, or heterosexual people. However, its use is high amongst gay people since it affects the libido.

Methamphetamine raises the blood pressure. This could lead to cardiovascular disease including risk of heart attack and/or stroke.

As well, methamphetamine turns on the body's thermostat.

This makes it difficult to concentrate, and when you do concentrate it's on ways to get a rush as a reward for it.  In the quest to score more methamphetamine, impulse control goes down the drain.  Caution is replaced with risky behavior — combined with heightened libido, you may abandon condoms for riding bareback. This will lead to the risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases or worse, AIDS.

If you don't get your reward, then you might get angry. That anger will both fuel and feed off aggressive behavior until it leads to confrontations with whomever may prevent you from getting another rush.

During regular use of methamphetamine, you sleep less, but this kind of insomnia is not under anyone's total control because even in the hypomanic stage of sleeplessness, your productiveness and friendliness is suspect.

When the bouts of insomnia last for days, there is a strong chance that mania will occur with psychotic breaks occurring which include hallucinations where you think there are bugs under your skin or paranoia where you think somebody is trying to spy on you.

Methamphetamine use will burn you out, and leave you irrational as though a raging beast is trying to get out. Your work productivity will be reduced because it is impossible to concentrate when the ambient temperature seems like 30° C when actually your body temperature is close to 40°.

Due to loss of appetite, women on methamphetamine will become anorexic to the point of the menstrual cycle stopping.

Because of the fire that's raging inside you, you start to dry out from inside out. Your skin shrinks, and your head turns grey. You lose your beauty and often your mind. What's worse is if you get AIDS, the disease will ravage you within months, due to reduced immune system, initially caused by methamphetamine and worsened by the disease itself.

Regarding the immune system, methamphetamine use reduces its function. As its function is reduced, human endoretrovirii (HERV) awaken and lower the immune system. When the AIDS virus infects you, it chemically signals the HERV to go into overdrive which lowers the immune system further, leading to cancer and TB.

In the end, you die from the secondary diseases due to a dysfunctional immune system. That is, if you don't die from a heart attack, stroke or suicide due to depression.

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