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The Truth About Propaganda

Propaganda consists of commercial marketing (advertising) and political marketing. Overall, there is no difference between the two.

Advertising consists of propaganda, which are full of white lies that markets  product to consumers who are themselves manufactured from the People into zombies whose purpose in life is to get a 9-5 job and become model consumers.

However, both advertising and political marketing are reserved for Big Business.

Any kind of truth marketing is labeled "propaganda" in order to reduce confusion among consumers so that they do not experience cognitive dissonance and thus decide to stop buying product.

This is why anti-corporate and socialist marketing are considered propaganda, which most corporate advertisers will not run on billboards and newspapers.

Thus corporate propaganda is full of white lies, that only represent one side of whatever it is marketing, be it political or commercial.

In contrast, truth marketing (socialist propaganda) has been labeled by the powers-that-be to be the only propaganda.

Most propaganda contains the inherent logical fallacies resulting from emotional appeal.

Given that propaganda is full of logical fallacies, any person who buys into the myth which propaganda promotes is deemed a consumer, and consequently no longer is of the People, nor does he think for the People or even for himself, and looks down on anything created by the People.

For the consumer consumes product produced by Big Business, which is a gigantic zombie monster legally defined as a person with more rights than the People.

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