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To Christians, Jihadis, and Atheists

To those people in ignorance whose own religion demand them to be apart from the world, they have shown no concrete evidence of an immortal soul, save for myths based on neo-Platonic reasoning. In essence, the immortal soul is pre-Christian in its origin, and no ancient Christian council presided to make it doctrine.

For only eternal life is the promise of God's own in the afterlife. In this life, all souls have a finite end. Even your holy books says so.

As for the religious extremists who claim the holy war that they mistake for jihad is the only struggle worthy of a man, they are but a disgrace to their Prophet — praise be unto him — by deceiving their brethren into using their cockeyed version of their religious laws to oppress women, children and men from cradle to grave. Even their Prophet (PBUH) said they are to treat girls as princesses, men as their brothers, and women as queens.

As students (Taliban), these extremists are deaf to the call of Islam (submission) and blind to the nature of things. In their fervent belief, they actually have stopped believing in God's word and only believe in what their ego has held onto dearly. For the believer who believes his ego more than in the word of God is no different than the unbeliever!

Finally, those people who believe neither in God nor in religion, please find merit in the scientific application of meditation and give credit to where it is due. For when such people say that meditation can be used without the layers of belief and faith applied to it, they make it a dead thing which becomes like a placebo when practiced without those layers of belief and faith.

Indeed, the wise see that the Buddhist sutras are no different from scientistic research, except that the former has had a longer shelf life than all the fruits of science.

Originally posted: December 30, 2012 12:26 AM

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