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Why Tim Hortons Hires Migrant Workers (satire)

Rather than spend a couple paragraphs before getting to the reason, I'll give the reason why the Tim Horton fast food chain started to hire migrant workers by 2012.

A few Canadians think they are too good to work in menial jobs such as a fast food worker at Tim Horton's. In contrast, a migrant worker is less likely to complain about work conditions in a fast food restaurant in Canada.

Thus, we Canadians are the reason why migrant workers get exploited by Tim Horton's.

For every Canadian who thinks she's too good to work at a fast food restaurant, there are a dozen workers who will have to walk 1-5 miles in the middle of a Saskatchewan winter to work, and get a work check missing holiday pay.

IMO it's legit to blame able-bodied people who turn their noses up at the prospect to work at Tim Horton's. I personally don't think there is anything wrong to get food services training and make a lot of cash in tips working at a bar, either.

Tim Horton's thinks of the bottom line: minimum wages for earnest workers who love working at their restaurants in Canada beats trying to find a good job in their home country.

I certainly support the right of any worker, migrant or Canada-born, to get the same rate of pay as Canadian workers who work for minimum wage.

However, there is nothing wrong with working at minimum wage at a fast food restaurant, provided that the worker has food services training.

Originally published on December 12, 2012 at 9:30 AM


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