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Make War no More (satire)

Regarding the Middle East, the utter madness of warfare is that the jihadi cult that is the West's enemy (Islamic State) is clandestinely trained by certain Western states (mainly the US, back before Saddam was portrayed in a negative light by the New York Times since 1996).

These jihadi cult members are clandestinely paid by the Qatar / Kuwait / Saudi hegemony in the Middle East and indirectly by US-led interests in the West, especially the Five Eyes through oil money.

Regarding the warfare in the Middle East, the purpose of staged conflicts in this region is to coerce the populace into total submission to the Islamic jihadi cult, which is Muslim in name only.

Yet the scare tactics of the West are no match for Muslim solidarity which too is a tool of coercion. However, most Muslims know the jihadi cult is sham Islam.

In America, the best analog in Christianity is Army of God which is a bigger threat to the US than the Islamic State, the major jihadi cult in eastern Syria and northern Iraq.

However, the two killings near Ottawa were not committed by homegrown terrorists but by mentally ill men who were attracted to the jihadi cult.

IMO the term jihadi cult is a more accurate term than Islamic militant since their violence is anathema to Islam as organized religion.

Indeed, the jihadi cult leaders of the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and Taliban and affiliates consider all organized religion and even secular government the cult of unbelievers because of the perceived willingness to compromise during nationalization.

When a cult believes itself so righteous in its highly esteemed belief in God Almighty, it breaks its covenant with Him.

These are no true saints of Islam, and their martyrdom only serves their devilish notion of worship through warfare.

By their actions, each side errs. It is sad that Judaism and Islam is misused like this, while Christianity too is tainted.

More than ever, it is time for all Muslims, Jews and Christians who believe love is the root of peace to decry the war by proxy being played in the Middle East.

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