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Dear Feminists (satire)

To me horror is viewed as a tragic comedy. This is because a movie isn't as scary as reality is.

Unless it is happening in the Middle East, I might not care about a horror movie since what's happening there is purely horrific. Sometimes children and women are oppressed there by their fathers, brothers and male cousins daily.

For it is a man's world there, still.

That's why certain feminists need to moderate their unbridled criticism about US military in the Middle East and especially about the West in Syria and Iraq and Afghanistan.

Feminists, your job is to facilitate change through dialogue, rather than just criticize the American government's gunboat democracy in the Middle East.

Look what happened to America when it forced Japan to open up trade in 1853: it led to the Japanese military bombing Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Why? Because a bunch of elites wanted to amass a fortune, whilst letting the Japanese military turn Japan into a militant society in the 1930s.

Today we need feminists to bring change to how we deal with the Middle East.

Even if it means 16 FA-18 jets and 300 Canadian personnel in Kuwait. This was a done deal in Ottawa, thanks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and was made without consultation with the federal Liberal, NDP and Green Parties" elected representatives, most of whom still went along with the deal.

Even if it means crazy young males might turn into jihadi cult members overnight and cause trouble. In two recent cases, the so-called jidhadis were actually mentally ill men whose actions may look like homegrown terrorism.

It is by dialogue that war is prevented.

While horror movies amuse me, the Islamic State horrifies me enough to accept the increased military presence of America and Canada in northern Iraq.

However I am thankful that most feminists are involved in the growing dialog on the War on Terror. I hope their voices can be heard over the increasing call for military presence in the Middle East.

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Criticism of the War on Terror:

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