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Who Profits the Most? (satire)

You gave two people $100 and told them to profit from it.

One guy puts $100 in savings bonds which will net him $11.59 a year from now. The other guy buys 10 grams of pot at $8/gram. and $20 worth of roling paper. He makes 40 1/4 gram spliffs and sells each spliff for $5, making himself $200. However, an undercover cop busts him for selling pot and is fined $150. With the $50, he buys $10 worth of dime bags and $40 worth of meth (about 5 grams). Each dime bag is worth $10 and contains 1/10 gram of meth. He makes $500 but is busted for selling meth and pays at $250 fine. He also gets a year probation for selling drugs.

Most definitely, the drug dealer profits the most. However, most of us would condemn how he made in total $450 but lost $200 due to fines and is on probation for a year. Instead, we would applaud the other guy who has savings bonds that will mature at $11.59 a year from now over the $100 he started with.

However, making $250 a year from selling drugs only nets you probation.

Think about that the next time you read of a drug dealer getting busted. Economics means he makes over 20 times as much money as the saving bonds guy.

Do you think he is going to sit around waiting for 11.59% profit when he can make 450% or more in profit from $100? Fuck no.

Legalize drugs now. Otherwise, once the sociopaths figure it out, there will be more drug dealers who profit because drugs are illegal.

Though 95% of people would rather invest in savings bonds.

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